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Visit www.epilepsy.com 

Join the Tour De Midnight at the Midnight Brewery in Rockville, VA on October 15

FVA is donating to and training camp staff at Camp Holiday Trails in Charlottesville, VA from 6/28-7/10

EFVA pays for camperships for childdren with epilepsy from Virginia at Camp Great Rock from 7/5-7/11

Watch the Newly Diagnosed, Now What? DVD from the Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia 

Visit http://www.esett.org/ for information about the Established Status Epilepticus Treatment Trials(ESETT)

The princiapal investigator is Jaideep Kapur at UVA and is being conducted with Neurological Emergencies Treatment Trials (NETT). The goal is to enroll 795 people in the next 4 years.

Do you have Temporal lobe Epilepsy?

1 year epilepsy research study is being conducted by Dr. Koubeissi at GWU 

Call 202-677-6210 or contact: raly@mfa.gwu.edu

More information can be found here

Dr. Koubeissi is featured in a new National Geographic television series called BREAKTHROUGH

Watch Sherrif Bryan Hutcheson's PSA on the importance of epilepsy awareness

Watch epilepsy hero, Andy Smith's PSA on epilepsy awareness

Watch the Bus Driver Training on YouTube

Check the Online Booklets Page for Seizure Training for Childcare Personnel

Please remember EFVA in your workplace campaigns 

Professional Education 56%
Public Education: 7%
Patient Services: 36.00%
Management Fundraising: 1%

Grants, donations, and events: $457,871.00
Investment income:  $8,662.00
Total income: $466,533.00
Audit available soon on www.efva.org


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